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Animal Control

Animal Control services are the responsibility of Camden County and their animal control officers, who are trained and available to assist you.  The Humane Society of Camden County houses homeless animals, but does NOT pick up animals.

If you see a stray, it is best not to try to capture the animal yourself. We highly recommend that you contact Animal Control at the numbers listed below.

If you think that an animal is being neglected, call the Animal Control number. Give as much information as possible including your name and number in case there are any questions. The animal control officers will attempt to keep this information confidential. If there is legal action taken, they may need to have you testify. Even if you are not sure if an animal is being neglected, call and leave the information. The animal control officers have been trained to conduct an evaluation and make the determination.

For Emergencies call 911.

If you see a seriously injured animal or an animal being actively abused, call 911

Click here for information about reclaiming your pet from the shelter.

Animal Control contact information:

Camden County Animal Control (includes St. Marys, Kingsland, and Woodbine)

Weekdays: 912-576-7395
Emergencies: 912-729-1442
Web: (Search “Animal Control”)

Department of Agriculture

If you live in Georgia and suspect neglect or abuse of horses or other farm animals, or have concerns regarding dog breeders or kennels, contact the Department of Agriculture. They have responsibility for the investigation of potential neglect or abuse in this area. The Department of Agriculture phone number is 800 282-5852. If you have concerns about horses, ask for the Equine Division. For concerns relative to dog breeder or kennels, ask for the Pet Welfare Division.

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