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Humane Society Launches New Program

Reunite Lost Pets with Their Owners


The Humane Society of Camden County, Inc. (HSCC) is excited and proud to announce “Strays in Real Time”.  Starting October 15, 2015, the HSCC launched this new program in an effort to reunite lost pets with their owners and to reduce the number of animals in the shelter.  “Strays in Real Time” is what we believe to be a novel program, which is now possible due to social media and new technology.  While the HSCC has always promoted adoptable animals via websites, newspapers, and Petfinder, we thought we needed to also promote strays for reclaim.  Thus, after an egg salad sandwich and an epiphany (yes, there is a story here), “Strays in Real Time” was born.

Here’s how it works:  When a stray dog or cat is brought into the shelter, either by an Animal Control Officer or a citizen, the HSCC staff will take a photo of the animal with a cell phone and complete a simple information sheet regarding the animal’s sex, approximate weight, where it was picked up, etc.  The photo and the information sheet will then be posted on the HSCC’s Facebook page.  Citizens who have lost a pet can check the Facebook page during the course of the day to see if their pet has been brought to the shelter.  If they see their pet’s photo, they contact and visit the shelter and begin the simple reclaim process.  This new program is an added tool to assist pet owners in locating their lost pets in addition to flyers, lost & found ads, etc.

The HSCC encourages everyone to “like” and “follow” the HSCC Facebook page and to share the stray posts.  The HSCC also urges other shelters everywhere to implement “Strays in Real Time”.  We all have two common goals:  (1) to reunite lost pets with their owners, and (2) to find forever homes for homeless animals.

Click the link below to be taken to the “Strays in real time” Facebook page:


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