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Meet Gabriel

Hi Everyone,

My name is Gabriel and I was born at the Humane Society of Camden County on December 11, 2008. I was one of four puppies and the runt of the litter. According to my adopted Mom, I had quite a rough start. She was there to care for me and although some days were a blur, I do remember how she would put me in the pocket of her smock so she could keep me warm and cozy. My birth mother found a home once I was weened. I was very happy for her and told her not to worry. I was in good hands. I already knew that I would adopt that wonderful lady caring for me.

Then, so I’ve been told, I ended up with the worst thing that could happen to a puppy. The big “P” word: Parvo. I spent the next 2 weeks living at the vet’s office and my future looked iffy at times, but I was determined. I had already committed to adopting my new Mom and nothing was going to stop me.

I’m all grown up now and full of energy. I need to make up for all that time I laid around being sick. I was so happy to know that my new Mom came with a Dad and six other dogs–four of who are Chihuahuas like me! We also have a cat named Pumpkin. One thing I learned from day one of my life is how great it feels to be loved, so in turn I feel obligated to share love with everyone I meet.

Besides passing out love, my favorite activities are cuddling, playing with my dog siblings and friends, sleeping in a dog pile on the sofa, and riding in the car.

gabriel-sleeping-1 gabriel-sleeping-2
I get to go back to the shelter where I was born at times, and I get so excited to see all the people who work there and help care for me. At night, at home, I sleep in the big bed along with everyone else. We really are a very close knit family. I know that I’m spoiled and also a very, very lucky little fellow. I hope all the dogs at the shelter find homes like mine. Hopefully you will stop by there and let some wonderful dog adopt you and your family.

Lesson to be learned: Love makes good things happen. Don’t be afraid to spread it around.

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