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Surrendering Your Pet

The Humane Society of Camden County turns no animal away. We understand that surrendering your pet can be a very difficult and painful decision to make. However, many people discard pets very casually. Before surrendering your pet, please consider the following:

  • There is a fee for surrendering pets to the Humane Society. In County: $50 per animal, $75 per litter. (A litter is considered 3-5 kittens/puppies. Animals over 5 apply an additional $5 per animal. Litter fee only applies to actual litters.)
  • Having your pet spayed or neutered and in good health will increase the chances of it being adoptable.
  • Can you place your pet with a family member, co-worker, or friend? Work your personal network for individuals or families who might be a good match for your pet.
  • If you’re surrendering your pet for a behavior problem, ask yourself if the animal gets enough exercise and mental stimulation through toys and social time. Boredom and pent up energy are the origins of many behavior problems such as chewing and barking. Have you consulted your veterinarian, a professional trainer, or behaviorist for help?
  • If you’re surrendering your pet for house breaking trouble, many times this behavior is linked to stress. Even subtle changes in the home (and certainly new pets or people) can disrupt an animal’s habits. Not cleaning a litter box often enough, or not walking a dog sufficiently or keeping the yard free of waste can result in animals soiling inappropriately. Have you consulted your veterinarian, a professional trainer, or behaviorist for help?
  • If you are surrendering a pet because of a challenge you do not want to deal with, keep in mind that a stranger may not want to deal with it either. This decreases the chance of the pet being adopted to a new home.
  • If allergies are compelling you to surrender your pet, have you exhausted options for air purifiers and medications? Have you consulted a doctor to discuss all options?
  • Abandoning a pet in a public place or leaving it at a residence you are vacating is illegal. If you must surrender your pet, bring it to the Humane Society shelter at 950 South Grove Boulevard in Kingsland, Georgia. We are open to the public Monday – Saturday, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Call us at 912-729-7141 with questions.
  • If you discover an animal you believe is a stray, we recommend you contact Animal Control. There is no charge for bringing strays to the shelter.

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