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Lost Animals

If you find yourself in a position where your pet is missing, please use our online feature to submit your information. Ensure to include all the necessary details about your pet. Their name, breed, age, size, color/markings, any distinctive features, and most importantly, a recent photo. The more specific you can be, the better.

There’s no time to waste!

Your information will be automatically generated into our Animal Shelter Manager software system. Our system will alert us when it has cross-referenced our found animal reports and a match has been made.

Our goal is to get lost pets back home as quickly as possible!

Visit the link below to submit your lost pet report:

Found Animals

Found an animal? By reporting a found animal to the Humane Society, you become a crucial link in the chain of reuniting lost pets with their families. Your report provides essential information that helps to establish a connection between the found pet and their worried owners. 

We maintain a database of lost and found reports, which enables us to cross-reference the information provided by concerned individuals. This allows us to quickly identify any potential matches and connect the dots between lost pets and their owners. 

Many responsible pet owners have their furry companions microchipped, which is a tiny identification device implanted under the skin.  Our shelter, the local vets and even animal control have the means to scan found animals for these microchips, providing instant access to the pet’s owner’s information. This technology greatly expedites the reunion process, ensuring that the lost pet is back home as soon as possible. 

DID YOU KNOW? Usually, lost pets are no more than 2-3 blocks away from their home in any direction. Post flyers around your neighborhood. If it is a dog, try walking the dog around your neighborhood as the owners may already be out looking for it. 

To file a Found Animal Report visit:

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