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Meet Janie

Janie was found abandoned in an apartment by Animal Control. She had been there with another dog for two weeks with no care or attention. She was quite happy to be removed from the situation and be taken to a place where she had food, water, and a clean environment. Life did not have the best beginning, but Janie never lost hope or her spirit.

Shortly after arriving at the shelter, a wonderful family came along and decided that she was right for them even though she was very underweight and didn’t have a lot of energy. In spite of being in a loving home and having what she needed to eat, Janie was not gaining weight. A long history of parasites had made it difficult for Janie to properly digest food. Slowly with love, attention, and the care of a vet, Janie was able to eat and digest food properly so she could finally gain some weight and start to feel good again. And oh did she feel good. In fact, she had never felt better. She could finally be the playful, fun loving dog she had always been deep inside.

Janie knows she is loved and is one lucky dog. What more could any dog hope for than to be part of a family that cares enough to take a chance on a skinny, neglected pup with a questionable start in life.

A note from Janie’s Mom:

Hi! Janie was adopted in late July 2006. She was quiet, shy, and very skinny when we first adopted her. With the help of a vet and a special diet, she has gained the weight she needed and is in excellent health! As for her demeanor, she is still very sweet, but is enjoying a second puppyhood. She bounces when she wakes up and keeps her two adopted brothers (one a two year old Rottweiller mix adopted from a Virginia Beach shelter in 2005 and the other a three year old golden retriever) on their toes! We lost our oldest golden retriever only a month after Janie came home and she was priceless in helping the family through the loss. So, Janie is a huge success story! We love her so much and she seems to be absolutely satisfied with her home and family! We couldn’t ask for a better addition to our family!

~Janie’s Mom

Lessons to learn: Every adoption is a success story but especially for Janie. Young, larger dogs past the cute puppy stage are often passed by for months on end. Plus it takes special people willing to take the risk of adopting a pet when an animal has been abused or neglected. Actually there is a story behind each of those kennel doors and lots of pets hoping for a home. Make a difference in some animal’s life. Adopt from a shelter.

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