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Meet Odie

Hello to all of you from Camden County Georgia who visit this website.My name is Odie and although I’m only two years old, I have had a most interesting life.

Things have been a little rough at times but I have so much to celebrate: a good family, good dog companions, and surprisingly so, as you will see, good health.

At six months old I found myself at the Humane Society wondering what life would deal me next. Well to my delight, a most wonderful family decided to make me part of their life. I moved in with my parents, a most charming young lady named Madeline Robin and a dog named Hammy. Life was so good and then I made a really dumb mistake.

I couldn’t resist chasing a rabbit one evening even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to leave my yard. Running back home, I ran smack into a car wheel. Boy that did not feel good. I knew I had been bad so I ran, well more like crawled back into the woods afraid I was in big trouble. All kinds of people were out looking for me but being young and foolish I kept hiding. Several hours later all the flashlights went away and it got real quiet. I heard my mom’s voice calling me. She sounded very upset and I thought I better go home and make up to her.

As soon as my parents saw me they scooped me up and gave me so much love. When they saw how bad I was hurting they rushed me to the emergency clinic. Well, I lost an eye and had some broken bones. Thanks to the dedicated care my family gave me I am once again in good health and I see just fine. Mom says having only one eye makes me look tough. I have a new dog brother my parents rescued. His name is Brewster the Basset and he helped me get my strength back after not walking for almost six weeks. Life is good.

Through all this, I learned a very important lesson. There is nothing better than when a family makes a life commitment to a shelter dog like me and then sticks with it through thick and through thin. Am I lucky or what!

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